Young couple toast cold drinks while on vacation

Our cold brew tea delivers a refreshing, delicious flavor. Our unique extractions process starts with the highest quality tea leaves. We use purified water at much lower temperatures than traditional products capturing highly-concentrated extracts without further-processing-required.

Consumers are interested in natural, healthy forms of energy boosting beverages. Several studies suggest that caffeine can increase cognitive performance and play a role in learning and memory by modulating synaptic plasticity. Our cold brew tea allows you to serve up a functional beverage with ease and consistency while meeting the needs of today’s consumers.

Hand Mix Teas

  • Green Tea – Tea from China containing immune-enhancing antioxidants
  • Black Tea – Ceylon tea with higher levels of potassium than teas from other regions
  • Prickly Pear Hibiscus – Caƒffeine-free tea from hibiscus flowers