Our botanical extracts offer a wide variety of florals, herbals and root profiles, creating true-to-life flavors that customers request. From lemon verbena to jasmine and lavender, we can extract any water-soluble botanical product for diverse food and drink applications from baked goods to plant-based dairy alternatives and functional RTDs. Our experienced research & development team will guide you in selecting the perfect ingredients and flavor extracts for your food and beverage solution.

Bottles with different plant milk - soy, almond and oat milk.

Botanical Extract Products

  • Butterfly Pea Flower Deep blue tones, woody, floral and earthy taste
  • Carob Orange brown color, cocoa like aroma and taste
  • Cascara Reddish purple hibiscus notes, other fruits such as papaya, apple or other fruits depending on region
  • Chamomile Pale yellow, mellow floral flavor with gentle notes of apple
  • Chicory Dark brown/black, similar to coffee, coffee-like aroma and taste
  • Guayusa Pale green color, astringent bitter taste
  • Hibiscus Distinct red color, hibiscus scent and fruity tart flavor notes
  • Honeysuckle White to deep orange, tannin tasting
  • Jasmine Pale yellow, bloom fragrances, layers with other flavors
  • Lavender Light blue purple, floral pungent flavor, mint undertone woody smoky
  • Lemon Balm Light yellow tones, bright, tart taste with lemon aroma
  • Lemon Verbena Light hues of yellow, light perfume, refreshing lemon notes
  • Peppermint White or pink tones, strong mint aroma and taste, one of most popular flavor agents
  • Rooibos Distinct red color, earthy and rich, produced by a shrub
  • Rose Petal Light rose color, rose-like and floral
  • Yerba Mate Dark green color, soothing and refreshing interchanging between bitter and sweetness

Our unique manufacturing capabilities allow us to customize flavor profiles. Don’t see what you’re looking for above? Contact us for a solution to fit the individual needs of your operation.