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Whether you’re formulating a refreshing dispensed beverage, functional RTD or dessert, Javo has a tea extract to match. Due to our low-temperature extraction process, our tea extracts can withstand the thermal processing of your food or beverage application. From black, green and white teas to organic or conventional varieties, we can provide a custom tea solution.

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Tea Extract Products

  • Black Teas Several varieties available: Robust, full tannin flavors with appealing astringency
    • Assam Brew Dark reddish brown-tone strong black tea, distinctly malty notes
    • Ceylon Tea Distinct red color mild, smooth tea grown in a medium, low area
    • Chai Tea Spicy cinnamon and aromatic spices with underlying smooth black tea
    • English Breakfast Tea Traditional all-around blend, smooth, mild tea flavor
  • White Teas Pleasant taste, sweet and fresh aroma, mild body and sweet flavor
    • Silver Needle White Tea Light and floral white tea with pleasant sweetness
  • Green Teas Pleasant taste and fresh aroma
    • Sencha Green Tea Green tea taste with a pleasant, earthy aroma
  • Oolong Tea Golden brown tones, full-bodied, smooth tea with flavors ranging between green and black tea

Our unique manufacturing capabilities allow us to customize flavor profiles. Don’t see what you’re looking for above? Contact us for a solution to fit the individual needs of your operation.